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Youth Voices + Impact Stories: The Power of Youth

by Content Creation Lab youth intern Nour (Lebanon)

“I gained international friendships, shared our vibrant cultures, and got to know each other better while accepting our diversity!”

Nour standing outdoors before a green background

Hello everyone, my name is Nour and I am an SI alumni intern. After finishing the Overcoming Bias curriculum, I applied for the SI alumni internship by the Stevens Initiative and filled in the application form. A week afterwards, I was offered a position and I was ecstatic! After getting accepted, I felt so proud of myself. Where that little girl from that tiny country in the Middle East (Lebanon) finally made it to a global community where I finally had the opportunity to have a hearable voice to the larger community that makes a difference!

The first week was a learning curve. I incorrectly assumed I would be talked-down-to or patronized, as I do not come from a large technology background. Self doubt had me! However, soon we started with the tech-discovery sessions where we worked with professional and supportive people in technology. But there was the surprise! I found this field interesting and started contributing in this technical development! So, I can perfectly say that this internship was a two-way benefit opportunity to grow and give, where I grew my skills and contributed to the improvement of the curriculum at the same time!

As an interviewer, my first UX interview took almost 4 hours! But this was a good practice for my patience and self-control that is a must for any person who seeks success. In addition, I can now say that I’ve grown my listening skills and that now I’m someone who listens carefully, and attentively no matter the time. While reviewing the curriculum I was shocked with the quality of the written modules which confirms our ability as youth in this world. The details we worked on highly promote a more just and sustainable world, and now I even apply these changes in my daily life, and avoiding ableism language is a great epitome of that.

Through this internship, I literally had access to the world! I viewed the world with a different lens and expanded my horizons! Where through the community channel and my collaboration with multi-cultural peers, I gained international friendships, shared our vibrant cultures, and got to know each other better while accepting our diversity! 

I have always been afraid of getting older and missing the train of adolescence which is the age of opportunities without having done any extraordinary accomplishments to humanity. I don’t want my future self to ask me ‛what have you done during your youth where you had the ability to do lots of things?’ without having an answer, or kicking myself for losing the age of opportunities without any achievement to remember. However, now I can proudly say that I’m ready for my future, I’m ready for getting older! Simply because I’ve worked on building a masterpiece that inspires for the coming generations.

I can safely say I have taken away invaluable transferable skills, memories I will recall fondly, and the ability to call myself an SI Alumni! Thanks Global Nomads, thanks Stevens Initiative, thanks for believing in the power of youth.   

Global Nomads Group’s Content Creation Lab 2022 Cohort actively created four new Student to Word courses focusing on the important theme of Careers for a Just & Sustainable World: Architecture, Film & Media, Finance, and Medicine & Scientific Research.

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