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Online Courses, Community, Events, and Experiences

Three teenage youths sit in a courtyard laughing

25 Years of Inspiring Youth Action

Since 1998, Global Nomads Group has offered young people safe digital spaces through which to express themselves, share their stories, and connect with peers through youth-created online courses, content creation internships, discussion platforms, and events for young people worldwide.

Youth-led Learning and Conversations

Global Nomads Group’s unique programs give youth a voice in how they learn about themselves, their peers, and the world around them.

Youth design their curriculum, lead conversations, and share their own stories.

Together, we are equipping them to lead us into a more just, equitable, and empathetic world.

A youth wearing a backpack smiles into a mobile phone while sitting outdoors

Student to World

Online Courses

Our unique online courses use youth storytelling to bring social issues to life through day-to-day realities.

Each course – designed in our Content Creation Lab youth internship program – provides an age-appropriate introduction to pressing global issues. Youth participants share their own stories in the courses and participate in moderated live conversations, offering real, lived experiences and a broad range of perspectives.

Two people operate a shoulder-mounted camera on a movie set

Film & Media

How do filter bubbles shape our perceptions of the world? Explore this topic as it relates to representation and identity in social media, film, and journalism.
A scientist looks through a microscope in a laboratory

Medicine & Scientific Research

Explore medical systems in various countries, sustainable waste management in medical facilities, and how careers in Medicine and Scientific Research take shape worldwide.
A calculator and pen sit atop an accounting paper


Youth consider ways that finance promote a person’s or country’s financial stability and how the notion of financial stability varies among and within countries, communities, and circumstances.

These courses are ideal for in-person and virtual classrooms, adult-facilitated youth groups, and individual learners ages 13-19.

Content Creation Lab

Virtual Internship

The Content Creation Lab (CCL) is a unique, semester-long internship for youth participants, ages 11-25, from around the world. CCL interns meet virtually in global teams to create our Student to World courses and other curriculum content.

Chief of Programs and Learning Sandra Stein, Ph.D., describes the Content Creation Lab process.​

Seat at the Table

Youth Community

A screenshot of a mobile phone with the Seat at the Table app featuring a Climate Change discussion

Seat at the Table is our youth-led global community open to anyone ages 16-25. Participants meet and discuss today’s most pressing issues in a safe and respectful online environment.

A screenshot of a mobile phone with the Seat at the Table app featuring a Climate Change discussion

Youth Stories

Global Nomads Group believes that all young people have stories to tell and that these personal stories enrich learning with context and perspective. In our online courses, youth learners read stories from youth participants around the world and share their own.

Maryam, Youth from Iraq​

Google map of Iraq

“When I was a young, my father was very obsessed with listening to music, even he used to play a musical instrument calling the oud, and I used to sit with him to listen to wonderful tune. I inherited the passion for music from my father. Music was taking me on a journey through time to different places that I only visit in my mind. It makes me happier, like a dose of both mental and physical comfortable. Is the only language in the world that is understood through hearing without indoctrination or educationI it calms and soothes the soul and helps to relax. Music in general is a collective art that is not isolated from other aspects of the life of human groups. Hearing music expresses emotions and feelings that language cannot express. And it has an impact on the formation of a balanced, harmonious and personality and the development of creativity and innovation.”​

Google map of Iraq
A woman with medium dark skin and curly hair in a wheelchair is working on a laptop computer while wearing a headset

Youth-Driven Programming

Online Courses

Student to World online courses are perfect for both individual and classroom learning.

Live Conversations

The Seat at the Table program puts a global, youth-led conversation in the palm of each participant's hand.

Global Youth Internship

Youth from around the world collaborate to create the Student to World courses.

Online Events

Join facilitated, real-time conversations about timely topics for young people across the globe.

What Our Youth Participants Say

“One word I would use to describe the session today is ‘eye-opening’. I never really thought about the different biases I had when meeting people for the first time, and I realized that I should be more open minded when meeting someone.”


Youth from Armenia

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Funding Partners

Global Nomads Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All Global Nomads Group courses, internships, events, and conversations are free of charge thanks to the commitment and support of our generous donors. Learn more about these sponsors and find out how you can support our work.