Our Impact

Connecting Youth,
Touching Lives

Each year, Global Nomads Group’s initiatives reach thousands of youth participants around the world. We invite them to share their voices, perspectives, and stories about our most pressing global issues.

Three students in white shirts talking and smiling in their classrooom

Student to World

Online Courses

Youth participants benefit from exploring global issues from peer perspectives, and sharing their own stories to deepen the global conversation. 


will use what they learned to positively impact their communities.


are now more interested in understanding other people’s feelings and emotions.


better appreciate each other’s cultural ethnic and religious differences.


better appreciate the cultural differences of other people.


feel an increased sense of belonging.


would definitely recommend the experience to a friend.

Content Creation Lab

Global Youth Internship

CCL interns feel a greater sense of empathy and connection to their peers and believe they can make a lasting impact in their communities and the world. 

Screenshot of a Zoom video call featuring twenty youth participants and instructors
A videoconference setup outdoors, with a screen showing participants at another location

Independent Evaluation

“Cogent Evaluation found statistically significant positive program effects on goals related to improving students’ global awareness and their communication & collaboration.”

A comprehensive evaluation of student surveys and student stories by Cogent Evaluation found that the Student to World program successfully builds empathy, increases global awareness, promotes collaboration, and improves communications skills.

Global Nomads Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our programs are made possible by generous grants and individual donations. Learn more about our funders, and learn how you can support the next generation of global leaders.