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Meet Layan Kousayeh, Global Nomads Group’s Program Coordinator based in Jordan

Layan Kousayeh cultivates youth-led, youth-governed online conversations from Global Nomads Group’s office in Amman, Jordan. Her leadership of the Seat at the Table program turned a global moment of sheltering-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity for connection and structured, virtual conversations among young people around the world. 

“I believe the best learning is done when youth are engaging with one another, sharing about their lives and worldviews.” 

Layan earned her degree in E-Marketing and Social Media at Princess Sumaya University for Technology and began her career in digital marketing as an intern. She has worked in the mobile gaming industry and as a social media specialist, and developed two initiatives along the way: a book club where people gathered to read, discuss, and reflect on novels to increase self-awareness, and video conversations during the 2020 lockdown. Both reflected her passion to create safe spaces where young people can connect and share their ideologies and experiences, and they helped inspire her to career shift toward community-based programming. 

Layan Kousayeh headshot

“I believe the best learning is done when youth are engaging with one another, sharing about their lives and worldviews.”

Layan Kousayeh

“It takes a lot of courage to be open and vulnerable with strangers, no matter your age. That’s why I’m committed to creating safe spaces for young people to talk with one another by reinforcing acceptance, empathy, and understanding in every interaction.” 

In her current, multidimensional role at Global Nomads Group, Layan centers conversation as a powerful tool for learning and breaking down cultural barriers. She advocates using technology to positively impact the way young people view themselves and connect with one another.

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