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Student to World

Free Online Courses

These unique online courses use youth storytelling to bring social issues to life through day-to-day realities.

Each course – designed in our Content Creation Lab youth internship program – provides an age-appropriate introduction to pressing issues. Youth learners can read real, impactful stories from other youth course participants around the world, share their own, and participate in moderated live conversations

These courses are ideal for in-person and virtual classrooms, adult-led youth groups, and homeschooled and individual learners ages 13-19.

To register for Student to World, please select one of the following courses.

Learn how art contributes to social movements and positive change while exploring local and global artistic and cultural expressions.

Learn how food waste and loss contribute to global hunger while exploring the meaningful food rituals in your local and global communities.

Learn how we exercise our human rights every day, how the rights of marginalized communities are not always protected, and how you can protect human rights.

Learn about the chemicals in our brains that impact our mental health, how to rewrite the narrative around mental health and its stigmas, and promote mental well-being.

Consider your own plastic use and local waste management practices and discern the impact of individual and collective behaviors on ocean health.

Learn how we form and internalize biases, ways to identify them in ourselves and others, and techniques to overcome them.

Explore the meaning of sports in communities, their opportunities and costs, and how racism, classism, sexism, and ableism play into people’s experiences of sports in a global context.

Learn how beauty standards and gender roles impact women’s rights and how to advocate for them in your local and global communities.

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Several hands point to architectural blueprints sit on a lighted table


Understand the cultural and historical significance of structures, and reimagine a world in which each new structure increases a sense of belonging, access, and environmental responsibility.

Two people operate a shoulder-mounted camera on a movie set

Film & Media

How does media consumption shape our perceptions of the world? Explore this topic as it relates to representation and identity in social media, film, and journalism.

A calculator and pen sit atop an accounting paper


Learn ways to achieve financial stability and justice, compare large and small businesses, and think critically about how trade and labor conditions shape financial realities worldwide.

A scientist looks through a microscope in a laboratory

Medicine and Scientific Research

Explore medical systems in various countries, sustainable waste management in medical facilities, and how careers in Medicine and Scientific Research take shape worldwide.

Designed by Youth
for Youth

Each Student to World course is a product of Global Nomads Group’s unique Content Creation Lab, a virtual internship program that brings together youth from around the world. Working under the guidance of subject matter experts, these interns research, synthesize information, and create age-appropriate content for their peers.

Chief of Programs and Learning Sandra Stein, Ph.D., describes the Content Creation Lab process.

A youth seated at a table with a textbook looks at a nearby globe

Learning Goals, Standards Alignment, and Impact

Each course includes interactive lessons with clear learning goals as well as alignment to recognized international educational standards like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Asia Society Global Competencies, 21st Century Skills, and CASEL Social & Emotional Learning (links open in a new window). Visit each course page for specific standard alignments.

“Student to World is successful in building students’ global awareness, 21st Century Skill of communication & collaboration, action-orientation, and empathy.”

– Cogent Evaluation, Program Evaluation (2020)

A comprehensive evaluation of student surveys and student stories by Cogent Evaluation found that the Student to World program successfully builds empathy, increases global awareness, promotes collaboration, and improves communications skills.

Text + Video Formats

Each Student to World course includes both text-based and video-based formats.

Text-based courses are available in English, Arabic, and a growing number of languages.

Video-based courses include American Sign Language interpretation as well as closed captioning in English and Arabic.

Screenshot of a GNG video course showing closed captions and sign language interpreters
A youth with headphones lies on a bed while using a laptop computer

Privacy, Inclusion, Safety, and Accessibility

Global Nomads Group honors our participants’ privacy, safety, and ability to participate.

All course content is designed to be accessible to a wide range of participants by using alternative text for images and closed captioning and American Sign Language interpretations for videos.