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Global Nomads Group empowers youth to explore the issues that matter to them most in the way that works for them best.

Our Programs

Global Nomads Group creates space for young people to engage online with their global peers about their lives, their communities, their cultures and the broader world around them. Our programs – designed by youth for youth – allow you to connect with your global peers, engage in conversation and storytelling about current events, and deepen your empathy for and awareness of people around the world.

Interactive Online Courses

6-8 hours per topic
Laptop screen of Global Peers Stories map of the world with icons marking story locations

We offer an exploratory experience where you can dig into issues you are passionate about, share your stories, and explore the stories of your global peers at your own pace in our high-impact short online courses.

Engaging Video Episodes

3-4 hours per topic
Laptop screen of Student to World video course Watch Episode One When you meet a new person, what do you pay attention to?

Explore a global theme through video episodes that include engaging content and global peer story exchange. Video episodes include captioning (in English and Arabic), ASL interpretation and image descriptions.

Youth-Only Conversations

1-2 hours per topic
Phone screen showing the profile page of Towett in the table app and his connections to diverse youth

In our Seat at the Table app you can participate in youth-only live discussions with your global peers and have access to a vibrant online community that explores cultures, perspectives and life experiences while challenging assumptions and stereotypes that divide our world. Choose a Topic and dive into conversation.

Our Mission

To help create a just world in which every person’s inherent worth and dignity is honored.

What Youth Are Saying

“One word I would use to describe the session today is ‘eye-opening’. I never really thought about the different biases I had when meeting people for the first time, and I realized that I should be more open minded when meeting someone.”

Joe, Student from Armenia

“I joined three themes because the videos really teach me how to be more aware of each topic and broaden my horizon.  It is also nice that it includes a photo description for every image to help people that might be visually impaired and achieve equality… The module about ‘overcoming biases’ changed how I perceive different things… I am also more connected to global peers through listening [to] their stories and learn[ing] about their customs. Thank you for filming the meaningful videos for us.”

Maria, Student from Mexico

“One word would definitely be inspiring. Listening to women’s perspectives around the world was incredible, as well as getting a chance to listen to other people’s stories. I’m so grateful that I was able to join this amazing event!”

Noor, Student from Jordan

“I found that the lesson inspired me, I feel like I was able to connect with other girls feeling the same way as me. And it made me feel lighter. So I think that the lesson was very well done, and motivational to do good in the world and help other people around the world.”

Laura, Student from United States

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