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Multi-national teams of youth interns center the voices of
young people in curriculum development.


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We are now accepting applications for our

February – June 2022 cohort.

The deadline for priority consideration applicants is January 3, 2022.

Applications close on

January 10, 2022.

By global youth,

for global youth

Young people are inheriting a world that requires creative, innovative, and collaborative solutions to the most pressing issues of today.

The Content Creation Lab develops youth-driven curriculum that educates young people about these issues, and inspires them to take action in their communities.

Alize, from Turkey, explains what motivated her to be part of the Mental Health Curriculum Development Team.

Content Creation Lab

Put your voice in the curriculum

The Content Creation Lab (CCL) was established in the summer of 2020 as a way to fill a need for young people to have quality, remote, internship experiences during a global pandemic. This semester long internship brought a global group of middle, high school, and college age interns together to develop curricular content around topics important to young people.

The CCL interns have collaborated from Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, Qatar, Ecuador, and the USA.

Now, you can add your country to the map, too!

How It Works

Apply to CCL

  • Complete the application below; open to all 11 to 23 year olds

Team Training

  • Complete Global Nomads’ Overcoming Bias curriculum
  • Submit preferences for topical interests and team responsibilities
  • Share bio and sign media release

Team Collaboration

  • Learn how to backwards map a curriculum
  • Create project plans for producing curricular content
  • Meet twice a week
  • Research your topic to include historically excluded voices, perspectives, and experiences

Write and Record

  • Write curricular content
  • Record engaging content for young people
  • Find useful resources
  • Design assignments

Give and Receive Feedback

  • Give feedback to teammates and other teams
  • Receive feedback from other teams and Global Nomads Group’s staff


  • Incorporate feedback into next version
  • Submit for additional feedback and final review


  • Upload published program to Global Nomads Group platforms
  • Share about it with your friends, family, and schools
  • Celebrate at a multi-national, virtual Publishing Party
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

What’s Next?

  • Apply for next level on the CCL Ladder of Leadership
  • Add your CCL experience to college, grad school, or job applications
  • Apply your new skills to your work and life

What Youth are Saying

Aya, 16, Jordan

Katso, 16, South Africa

Create an artfully illustrated poster, button, or pennant, that reflects why your cause matters. Then submit a digital photo of your art online.

“The CCL is super important because… the curriculum is centered around youth voices. It helps them form a connection to one another and it becomes much more personalized. Our generation is the future and it’s crucial that we start working together on these issues, sooner rather than later.”

Stella, 16, USA

“The CCL made me look differently at life and humanity. I learned that, even if you are different, there can still be similarities and interests that you share.”

Sanad, 10, Jordan

For each piece of art you submit, the Bezos Family Foundation will make a $5 donation- up to $2,500,000 – to organizations addressing some of our world’s biggest needs.

Content Creation
Ladder of Leadership

Team Members

11 to 23 year old interns work on multi-national

teams to develop a curriculum on global issues important to youth.

Develop skills such as intercultural communication, collaboration,

backward mapping, and meeting deadlines.

Team Leader

Promoted high-school age interns, or new college-age

interns, lead a team of youth to develop curriculum on specific global topics.

Develop skills such as motivating team members, tracking your team’s

progress, giving feedback, and delegating tasks.

Teams Coordinator

College-age interns, with previous CCL Team Leader experience, lead, plan,

and coordinate multiple CCL teams.

Develop skills such as project planning, multiple team management,

problem-solving, and leading by example.

Apply for the

Content Creation Lab

The Content Creation Lab is open to all middle school through college-age youth who are committed to centering the voices of young people in learning, and to inspiring them to make meaningful, positive action in their communities.

Our Ladder of Leadership invites CCL interns to grow and develop their skills and increase their responsibilities.

Priority Consideration Deadline: January 3, 2022

Final Application Deadline: January 10, 2022