Content Creation Lab

Youth learn skills for college and career, including collaboration, cross-cultural teamwork, project management, purpose-driven design, UX interviewing and personal accountability.

For Global Youth By Global Youth

Our Content Creation Lab puts youth at the center of learning design. Working in cross-national teams, youth collaborate to create thematic content that is of interest to their generation. Each team is led by a college-age intern who receives support and leadership development during the course of the content development process. Global Nomads staff provide guidance and technical support to the teams, ensuring that all work products meet our high quality standards.

Interns propose content themes to design, map the entire curriculum, draft written content, produce supporting videos, market test their ideas, and iterate based on feedback from our staff, market testers, evaluation metrics, and each other. Teams are designed to be multi-national and to build on each participants’ strengths and interests.

Working at a quick pace and within an agile design framework, interns learn important skills for college and career, such as collaboration, multi-cultural communication, project planning and management, backwards and purpose-drive design, UX interviewing, and personal accountability.

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