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Welcome to our dedicated Educator Resource Page! Explore a wealth of tools designed to support educators like you in seamlessly integrating Student to World courses into your classrooms.

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Use Our Tailored Lesson Plans!

Seamlessly integrate Student to World courses with our comprehensive and ready-to-use lesson plans. Engage students with dynamic content that fosters cultural understanding, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. 

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Connect with diverse colleagues worldwide, sharing insights and curriculum advice. A collaborative space open to all Student to World online course educators, fostering a supportive network for transformative teaching experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I forget my password?

Visit and click “Forgot Password”.

Or use the link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

2. How do my students join my course?

There are two ways for your students to join your course:

1. Click “Add” and add each student’s name.


2. Click “Invite participants to this class”. You will receive a student registration code via email. Share this code with your students. They can join your class using this code at and entering the code in the “Join a class” section.

Student to World platform screenshot
Student to World platform screenshot

3. How do my students access videos of the courses?

All Student to World courses have video versions. Click “Watch module”.

Student to World platform screenshot

4. Does the course have a time limit for completion?

No, it doesn’t. You can complete each course at your own pace.

5. What languages are available?

All Student to World courses are available in English and Arabic.

The Overcoming Bias course is available in English, Arabic, and Spanish

6. Where can I find more resources for my course?

You can find more information and resources on the Class Management Hub:

Student to World Platform screenshot

Here are other helpful links:
Student to World Educator’s Roadmap
Classroom Management Video Tutorial

7. Live conversation events

Global Nomads Group hosts live conversation events for Student to World participants. During these 60-minute events, youth between the ages of 13-19 are invited to meet their fellow Student to World global peers. Trained facilitators guide youth in small-group break-out rooms to discuss course topics and global and social justice issues.  

Be sure to check your email for information regarding the live events schedule.

8. How are courses created?

Student to World courses are created by global youth interns, ages 11-23, in our Content Creation Lab. During this semester-long internship, interns meet virtually in cross-national teams and design content to educate global peers on the issues that matter to them most.

For more information about how your students can participate in the Content Creation Lab, click here.

9. What are media releases for, and what will you do with the submitted pictures and stories?

At Global Nomads Group, we collect media (photographs, artwork, quotes, etc.) from program participants to highlight the youth and educators engaging in our courses. This allows us to showcase our work in articles, social media, and on our website. A Media Release is a legal document that allows organizations and companies to use an individual’s name, image, quotes, or other details for marketing or promotional purposes, and is an important tool for protecting the privacy and rights of individuals. You are not required to complete a Global Nomads Group Media Release to participate in our programs.

For more information regarding the Global Nomads Group Media Release and how we use shared media click here.

10. How can I get more involved with Global Nomads Group?

There are several ways to to get more involved! 

Our unique, online Facilitator Forum is designed specifically for all of our Student to World course teachers, leaders, and implementers to stay connected. Share your curriculum, lesson plans, and classroom tips, and learn from others’ experiences.

Our Teacher Ambassador program increases awareness of our Student to World courses through peer promotion to other educators. With training and support, our Teacher Ambassadors gain valuable leadership and professional development experience while joining a network of passionate global educators. For more information, please contact