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Scott Hefter headshot

People Behind the Mission: Scott Hefter

December 7, 2022

Global Nomads Group Board member Scott Hefter reflects on his career and returning to the classroom after 30 years of work.
Asma headshot

Youth Voices + Impact Stories: Colorful Flavors of Summer

November 27, 2022

Content Creation Lab intern Asma from Jordan reflects on the unique opportunity to connect with her peers around the world.
Oluwaseun Kayode headshot

Meet Oluwaseun Kayode, Global Nomads Group’s Program Success Manager based in Nigeria.

November 18, 2022

Meet Oluwaseun Kayode, Global Nomads Group's Program Success Manager based in Nigeria.
CCL intern André wearing headphones, standing in a green field

Tangible: Intentional Language & Learning Experiences

November 7, 2022

Content Creation Lab intern André ventured outside his area of expertise and learned a valuable lesson in inclusive discussions and tangible outcomes.
Younes & Heidi photos

Youth Voices + Impact Stories: One Month Was Enough To Make A Real Connection

November 1, 2022

Content Creation Lab interns Younes (from Algeria) and Heidi (from the United States) learn about other cultures and form a lasting connection.
Rama photograph

Curiosity Leads Virtual Exchange Alumna to an Internship Opportunity

August 31, 2022

Rama, a high school student in Jordan, participated in GNG’s Student to World, which led to changes in her perspective, growth, and development.
MillerKnoll logo white on a black background

The Power of Partnership: MillerKnoll

August 5, 2022

MillerKnoll expands its partnership with Global Nomads Group through financial contributions, exposure, and leadership.
Screenshot of Arabic translation of a Student to World course

Program Impact: Removing Barriers Through Translation

August 1, 2022

Global Nomads Group announces new Arabic-language versions of its programs, with additional Spanish versions in development.
Nada Almonthery with her class in Iraq

People Behind the Mission: Nada Almonthery

May 3, 2022

An Iraqi teacher uses Global Nomads Group's Student to World curriculum to engage Iraqi students learning the English language.