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Youth-Centered Learning

Global Nomads Group puts youth at the center of our learning design. Working in cross-national teams, youth collaborate to create thematic content that is of interest to their generation and aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Develpoment Goals. With expert guidance, support and structure, the youth teams develop authentic, rigorous, youth-centered learning experiences that engage youth around the world in meaningful and transformative exchanges with their global peers.

plastic bag floating in the ocean

Ocean Health

Learn how your own plastic use impacts the health of our planet.

a person with a beige skin tone runs towards a hurdle as others watch from behind


Learn about the relationship between sports and being our best selves and how sports have been used to celebrate the best of every body.

red puzzle pieces joined with a black piece featuring the word “Bias” written in white

Overcoming Bias

Learn how biases are formed and how they can overcome them in themselves and question them in others.

Medium brown-skinned person standing with eyes closed and hands in a mudra gesture thumb and forefinger touching

Mental Health

Learn about the chemicals in our brains that impact our mental health, the stigmas associated with mental health, and ways we can promote our mental health to rewrite the narrative around mental health

visible are 6 pillars in a range of colours, with the first 5 united nations sustainability goals printed on them

Human Rights

Learn how we exercise our human rights every day, how the rights for marginalized communities are not always protected, and how you can protect human rights with guidance from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

person with ivory skin tone wearing a face mask and gloves while holding a box of groceries

Global Hunger

Learn how food waste and loss contribute to global hunger while exploring the meaningful food rituals in your local and global communities

colorful art supplies on a table

Art in Action

Learn how art contributes to social movements and positive change while exploring local and global artistic and cultural expressions.