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Melroy Patterson, Jr.

Melroy Patterson headshot

Melroy Patterson, Jr.

Executive Director and National Market Executive,,

JP Morgan Chase & Co

“Global Nomads has this dynamic model of engagement that is scientifically proven.”

Melroy Patterson, Jr. was in eighth grade when he learned about structures that keep oppressive systems in place, including in our minds. “It is not in the interests of the oppressors to help the oppressed,” says Melroy. “If I was a kid getting all those benefits, why would I give that up?” Melroy grew up negotiating bias and aggression, and yet this revelation made it clear where the responsibility lay for systems change. His first day of ninth grade, he faced mob of white classmates wielding hay forks who terrorized the school’s first Black incoming students.

Melroy has devoted himself to education and professional development ever since. “When I graduated from college, I was already a VP of a bank in New York,” he says. He headed to Columbia University next for his MBA. Today, Melroy is the Market Executive for JPMorgan Chase & Co, with national responsibility for professional services. He’s been the SVP of Bank of America and the Bank of New York Mellon, and was a VP at National Westminster Bank.

“A lot of these issues, like racism and misogyny, get borne out of ignorance,” says Melroy, “and ignorance develops with a lack of awareness and empathy.” He joined the board of Global Nomads to lend energy to its mission. “Global Nomads intervenes on the very things that impeded me at a young age. This could move the global conversation and it’s the right time to capture their attention.”

Melroy is eager to see Black and brown students more directly engaged in programs and invited into greater relationship with power and professional opportunity. “Global Nomads has this dynamic model of engagement that is scientifically proven,” says Melroy, “Now, we need to get it to be a phenomenon.”

Global Nomads appreciates Melroy’s energetic commitment to the organization as it removes barriers for young people to connect to each other and shape a better world.