Story highlight: Snd Jaber

Story highlight: Snd Jaber

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Snd Jaber (age 15)

Story from the Ocean Health topic

When I lived in Dubai, my house was in a large community. So one day, my friends from that community and I noticed that there was plenty of rubbish on the streets, so we all decided to help the workers and pick up all the trash that we saw. We sorted that trash into 4 3 bags, one for paper/cardboard, one for plastic, and one for glass. This took us a whole afternoon, it exhausted us, but it also made us proud of ourselves.

We put those bags in the recycling bin which was on my house’s street. We helped make our community cleaner, and on top of that, we recycled all the rubbish we collected. We also probably made the garbage man’s day a bit easier.

I related a lot to Lilliana’s story; she recycles anything she can when possible, her actions are very similar to what my friends and i did. I also admired Mohamed’s story; he cleaned his school’s garden with his friends, i like this because not only have i done things like this with my friends, we both required our friends’s assistance to complete our actions.

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