Story highlight: Razan

Story highlight: Razan

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Razan Al-ajlouni (age 17)

Story from the Global Hunger topic

Tea: the manufacturing company is Alghazaleen Tea in Sri Lanka (Africa).

Cheese: the company of processing and production of dairy is Hammoudeh in Jordan (Asia).

Bread: From a local bakery in Jordan named Alhouri Bakeries (Asia).

My breakfast choices differ every day, sometimes I wake up early and make myself an elaborate breakfast or sometimes I just make a sandwich. Today for breakfast, I ate bread, cheese, and drank black tea. We have bread that is from Jordanian origins, where there are people who watch over the land, planting, watering, harvesting and grinding to provide us with delicious bread for our breakfasts, in addition to this there is imported black tea that is from Sri Lanka origins, and we also have Jordanian Halloumi cheese that is made in local high-quality factories from a mixture of goat and sheep milk. It is important to know where our food comes from because, if we can pinpoint where our food was grown and produced, we can make more informed decisions to maximize quality, freshness, and nutritional value. we can also help support local economies through our purchases and value the efforts made by those who work day and night. To provide us with everything we need. While I was reading the peer stories, I had a lot of similarities to Isobel from the united states and because his family also values to support local businesses and with Bilal from Morocco as I and he have similar breakfasts.

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