global conversation series

you and up to 5 people
from around the globe
join a 60 minute conversation

instant cultural exchange

seat at the table is connecting young people from around the world through cross-cultural dialogue and virtual community. join to make new friends, talk about your passions, life in other countries and share your experiences with others

“It’s something to read and learn about people from around the world, but something else to learn about their experiences directly from them – especially during a pandemic.”
– Alex, USA

“Every time I learn something new or meet people I’ve never met before. this makes my experience exciting every time.” – Aseel, Jordan

“This was so eye-opening. I wanted to get out of the bubble of my life. To meet people from different backgrounds to my own. Because I think that’s how you get a more diverse understanding of the world.”
– Anabelle, USA
“It’s an amazing place to find comfort. To express how you’re feeling and how you’re coping with everything.” – André, USA

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  • priority access to special opportunities like live events, internships, and leadership training, and seat at the table ambassadors
  • conversation topics around your interests
  • hang out virtually with members from around the world

how it works


Youth​ join the community​ online and reserve their “seat” for upcoming conversations.


Youth with reserved seats join a “table”​ for​ an hour long conversation with up to 5 additional youth from around the world.


Youth​ share feedback​ to further improve the experience! Youth​ can​ sign up to join as many conversations as they like, pending seat availability!



In order for youth to participate in seat at the table, they will need to sign up directly. If you know a young person ages 16-19 and want to tell them about seat at the table, please share our current program flyer (right) and invite them to join the community.

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