Our society is undergoing constant and rapid change resulting in an overwhelming amount of information from news and social media that requires the space for sense-making not often provided to young people as they are continuously bombarded with information and content. Global Nomads Group provides youth a platform, resources, and access to global peers to discuss their experiences, opinions, and solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues.


Pulse programs bring global topics into the classroom by engaging students in cross cultural discussions that offer the opportunity to gain awareness, share stories, and navigate difficult conversations. As themes and topics change each year, educators are invited to participate by utilizing available resources or live web events that provide [authentic] exploration and deeper understanding.








No matter where you live, whether on a remote island or in a landlocked area far from the beach, the ocean affects you, and you you affect the ocean. It’s up to all of us to protect the ocean against the threats it faces. We can make a difference by taking action locally and joining forces globally.



WATCH: videos to hear stories related to the ocean.



EXPLORE: discussion guides with your class.



JOIN: webcasts for live conversation with global youth.



TAKE ACTION: Register a team with Students Rebuild and submit your art.

Meet Hannah, a teen in Cumming, GA who strives to motivate her peers, local politicians, and businesses to advocate for the ocean by reducing plastic pollution.

Meet Veta, a native of the island of Montserrat, a tiny yet beautiful island in the Caribbean. Veta shares her vision for a healthy ocean and the mission of her youth program, Fish 'N Fins, which prepares youth to care for and protect the ocean.




Annually, GNG partners with Students Rebuild in launching a global challenge inspiring youth to learn about and take action on a chosen global topic or issue. Together, we provide resources and co-host webcasts throughout the school year that support the essential component of each challenge -- creating art related to what students have learned in order to raise funds that benefit youth.



To access past Pulse programs and to utilize our educations resources, check out the GNG Resource Library!

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