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Global Nomads Group Awarded $50,000 in Support of its Seat at the Table Program from the Hollister Confidence Fund

Global Nomads Group (Global Nomads) is one of the proud recipients of the 2022 Hollister Confidence Fund grant program that supports individuals and nonprofits working to strengthen confidence and mental wellness in teens. Global Nomads will be granted $50,000 to support its Seat at the Table youth community, a global and youth-governed online forum for peer connections and conversations around pressing global issues. 

Seat at the Table was founded in 2018 as a dedicated, virtual forum for youth ages 16 to 25 to connect around issues of interest or concern. Accessed through an app, youth members share their experiences and stories while actively listening to and learning from others, enabling the space to remain dynamic and evolving based on the needs of the youth community. 

The grant will support improved technology considerations to make the space more dynamic and engaging for its youth participants. Global Nomad’s CEO Courtney Welsh acknowledges its importance: 

“We are thrilled to have been selected to receive a grant from the Hollister Confidence Fund.  This award will allow us to continue to connect youth across distance and difference in meaningful and powerful ways.”

Twenty non-profit organizations and projects nationwide will be given grants by the Hollister Confidence Fund totaling $1 million, all to build further confidence among teens across a variety of communities. The grant announcement comes in celebration of Hollister’s World Teen Mental Wellness Day, an annual event held on March 2 to dismantle the stigma around teen mental health.

The Hollister Confidence Fund is part of The Hollister Confidence Project, a year-round, worldwide initiative dedicated to helping teens feel their most comfortable, confident, and capable. This year’s grant recipients were selected by The Hollister Confidence Project’s advisory board, which consists of mental health experts, educators, and Hollister brand representatives. For more details about the Hollister Confidence Project, visit their webpage

Examining How the Syrian Crisis Has Shaped the Lives of Young Refugees: A Guest Lesson Plan

By The New York Times Learning Network

Global Nomads Group created curricula to prepare students participating in a live webcast regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis. This curriculum and live event gave students the opportunity to examine the effect of the Syrian crisis on the lives of young people from that country, especially those who are refugees.

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Global Exchange Program Connects Moroccan, Jordanian, American Students and Educators

By Suzanna Goussous

Global Nomads Group (GNG) launched the “Campfire” exchange program around four years ago and has brought educators from Jordan, Morocco and the US to promote global citizenship, empathy and action-oriented projects.

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Rethinking Civics Education: Global Nomads Is Helping Kids Learn About Their Lives by Learning About Others’ Lives

By Sandra Stein

Global Nomads Group is creating opportunities for students spread across the world to communicate virtually about a range of topics that matter to them, and to building empathy for peers with vastly different lives and an awareness of their unfamiliar civic norms deepens an understanding of political realities everywhere.

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Can Virtual Reality Teach Empathy?

By Chris Berdik

It is suggested that one of VR’s biggest strengths is its ability to tap student emotions, notably empathy. The nonprofit Global Nomads Group produced a new VR-based curriculum called “One World, Many Stories”, which showed a series of 360-degree autobiographical videos from the perspective of a boy in eastern Kentucky; a young man in Amman, Jordan; and a young black woman in New York City. The young people who would otherwise not have a way to connect are connected through technology to promote global awareness, curiosity, and critical thinking.

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The Goldman Sachs Foundation Prizes for Excellence in International Education

Global Nomads Group (GNG) is the 2005 Media and Technology Prize winner of Excellence in International Education Prize. Global Nomads Group is committed to improving students’ international knowledge and understanding through the use of interactive technologies like video-conferencing, remote broadcasting, and webcasting.

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Global Nomads Group Innovations Programs

By Rebecca Morrison

Global Nomads Group offers new virtual multi-part field programs, such as virtual science expeditions and on-going international student exchange programs.

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How Thousands of Bookmarks Are Going to Improve Global Literacy

By Bezos Family Foundation

The Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge launched on September 8, International Literacy Day, to bring awareness to the global learning crisis. In partnership with Students Rebuild, Global Nomads Group provided students and educators firsthand understanding of challenge beneficiaries and connection to other challenge participants through blogs, videos, and live webcasts from the field.

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Seeing Is Believing: Project Syria’s VR Initiative is Building A New Generation of Global Citizens

By Richard Whittaker

Global Nomads Group initiated Project Syria to connect South Central Los Angeles’ View Park Preparatory Charter High School and Mahatta Community Center in Amman, Jordan. Global Nomads Group leveraged VR tools to simulate the experience of being in a conflict zone while building youth’s abilities to be empathetic, critically think, and communicate across cultures.

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Multicultural High School Students Celebrate ‘Virtual’ Cultures Abroad

In partnership with Global Nomads Group, Multicultural High School had the opportunity to participate in a program for their tenth-graders. The cross-cultural program allows students to exchange conversations with peers in Jordan.

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Three Steps to Successful Global Learning

Global Nomads Group provided the opportunity for 7th graders at Millburn Middle School in New York to experience the life of a peer in Amman, Jordan, through “One World, Many Stories,” a virtual reality series. Throughout this experience, students are able to deepen their understanding of global issues and to build empathy in authentic ways.

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