Over 20 years ago, four young men, each from different backgrounds with different experiences found common ground as their curiosity of the world and love of learning came alive while studying at the American University of Paris. They found themselves asking the same question – how can the internet be used to connect young people from around the world who would otherwise never have the chance to meet and learn from one another?

This idea led to the founding of Global Nomads Group and is just the beginning of our story – a story of people who believe in the power of connection, youth, and shared humanity. Since the beginning we have connected over one million young people in 60 countries and on all seven continents.

In 1998, when Global Nomads Group (GNG) was founded, we needed to create the conditions that allowed young people to connect across difference and distance. We had to bring video-conferencing equipment into remote areas so that these connections could happen for youth no matter where they lived. From Rwanda to Iraq and Antartica to Vietnam, we helped youth from all backgrounds and all corners of the world share their untold stories, have deeper connections, empathize with people they never met, and celebrate our shared humanity. ​

Today’s world requires a different approach.There are more than 2 billion young people in our world. Each one of them is inherently powerful and capable of incredible humanity. They are teaching us. They are inspiring us. They are our hope for the future. Growing up in today’s world, their access to and comfort with technology is extraordinary. So now, our work has become focused on making the connections we once needed to create better conditioned for meaningful interaction, giving all young people the skills and opportunity to engage with difference, harness the power of their voice, and experience deep empathy.

Our work has always been anchored by our belief in and respect for the young people with whom we work. We know that given the right opportunities and support, they will far exceed anything we can dream of today. Our vision is that they will become the generation that will lead us forward into a more just world, one that preserves the human dignity of each and every person in it. Now, we ask you to join our story and help young people share their stories no matter the distance and difference.


Despite the distance, Global Nomads Group’s Campfire program brings young people from the Middle East & North Africa and the United States together to expand their exposure to and understanding of their global peers and the communities in which they live. They are not just connected virtually but are in actuality connected to the rest of the world. This is the story of youth in Morocco and the U.S. who share common values and are devoted to becoming global citizens.

Melody is the story of groups of young people, in Brooklyn, NY and in Salt, Jordan who spent a semester in a GNG program. Throughout the program students on both sides gained mutual understanding and were provided with new ways to see the world around them. See how Melody and her peers were able to connect, learn from one another’s cultures and develop new perspectives.

Meet Swetha, a young woman who was originally from India and moved to America with her family in 1989. We meet her in 2003 during a program connecting students in Connecticut to peers in Baghdad. Throughout a series of videoconferences, Swetha built strong global understanding and deepened her empathy for others. This experience inspired Swetha to speak to more people from different cultures and see what the world is like. And here is where she is today.



students and educators reached


countries connected


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of educators say that students increase enthusiasm in contributing to positive change in their communities.


of educators report that students made substantial gains in global awareness


of educators say that students developed their digital literacy skills