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Global Nomads Group empowers youth to explore their passions, connect with their peers, and set the pace and timing of their learning.

Our Programs

Guided by academic research and deep empathy for young people’s interests and experiences, our standards-aligned curricula help youth develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to thrive in the 21st century. Through sharing stories and building human connections, youth are inspired to explore global issues through a personal, local and global lens and lead positive change in their communities.

Our Online Courses Are Safe, Flexible and Easy to Implement

Choose the timing, pace, format and theme for our online course that best support your learning objectives:

Our student-paced offerings allow youth to progress at their own pace from home or in the classroom.  

Our video course offerings allow you to share the course content with the whole class and engage students in collaborative discussions without devices. 

Our supplemental live discussion groups allow students to explore topics from multiple perspectives.

Youth (ages 12-19) explore a global theme through video episodes that include engaging content and global peer story exchange. Video episodes include captioning, ASL interpretation and image descriptions.

Our Facilitated Live Events Engage Students in Real-Time Discussions

Choose our live event format and our skilled facilitators will engage your children in a highly interactive experience, combining content learning on specific topics with small group discussions among young people.

Choose the live event from our calendar of offerings that best supports your child’s learning objectives and interests.

What Youth Are Saying

“One word I would use to describe the session today is ‘eye-opening’. I never really thought about the different biases I had when meeting people for the first time, and I realized that I should be more open minded when meeting someone.”

Joe, Student from Armenia

“I joined three themes because the videos really teach me how to be more aware of each topic and broaden my horizon.  It is also nice that it includes a photo description for every image to help people that might be visually impaired and achieve equality… The module about ‘overcoming biases’ changed how I perceive different things… I am also more connected to global peers through listening [to] their stories and learn[ing] about their customs. Thank you for filming the meaningful videos for us.”

Maria, Student from Mexico

“One word would definitely be inspiring. Listening to women’s perspectives around the world was incredible, as well as getting a chance to listen to other people’s stories. I’m so grateful that I was able to join this amazing event!”

Noor, Student from Jordan

“I found that the lesson inspired me, I feel like I was able to connect with other girls feeling the same way as me. And it made me feel lighter. So I think that the lesson was very well done, and motivational to do good in the world and help other people around the world.”

Laura, Student from United States