Personal Passion + Global Perspectives

When teens dig into issues that they are passionate about, their engagement is deep and their drive to learn is intense.  Add global perspectives from teens from around the world and they’re able to powerfully engage in our shared humanity. 

Our offerings challenge teens to view pressing global issues through an individual, local and global lens.   By combining engaging global content with story sharing activities, we allow teens around the world to reflect on their own families, cultures, communities, and contexts and make global issues personal, relevant, and actionable.  

Our experiences help teens deepen their empathy, increase their global awareness, hone their communication and critical thinking skills, and identify ways to contribute to their global communities.

Designed by teens for teens ages 13-19, our menu of offerings include something for everyone!

Options range from 1-hour activities to 6 – 8 hours of engagement

Appropriate for individual or group learning

Easy to use, high-impact and fun!

Student to World Online Programs

(6 – 8 hours of engagement)

Your teen will learn about issues that matter to them most, share stories from their own life, learn about their global peers, and identify ways they can make the world a better place. 

Our engaging personalized learning experiences allow teens to shape their own learning – they set the pace, decide when and where they engage, and make choices about the content and activities that appeal to them most.   

Add-on experiences such as webinars and story shares are available to enhance the learning.

Due to the generosity of our funding partners, our Student to World programs are FREE for teens who register by the end of the year. Sign up today!

Explore the impact of COVID-19 on you, your community and the world

Explore the impact of plastics on oceans around the world

Explore how art is used to further social causes around the world
Explore how food loss and waste contribute to hunger around the world

Explore how biases are formed and how to interrupt them in ourselves and others
We are continually adding new themes. What topic would you like us to add?

Exploration Activities

(1 hour of engagement)

Your teen can explore global issues they are passionate about by choosing from our menu of online and offline exploration activities – all of which emphasize global youth perspectives and can be completed within an hour.

Your teen can engage in these activities as an add-on to their Deep Dive Programs or as a stand-alone learning experiences.


Hosted by teens, these webinars showcase diverse youth perspectives on pressing global issues

Story Shares

In these facilitated online gatherings, teens will respond to story prompts to share about their lives, communities and cultures and explore the similarities and differences with their global peers

Videos and Discussion Guide

High-impact video content plus guides for discussion or writing activities allow youth to deepen their knowledge about and reflect on pressing global issues

seat at the table

Small group of teens from around the world engage in live video conversations about their daily lives, interests, cultures, misconceptions and what it means to be part of our ever-changing world

Since 1998, Global Nomads Group has partnered with hundreds of classrooms annually engaging thousands of teens around the world in its innovative, teen-centered programs that have developed future leaders and global citizens – ones who are empathetic, globally aware, and able to take positive action in their communities.

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