Become a Virtual Exchange Dialogue Facilitator with

Global Nomads Group!

At the end of the training program, successful participants are eligible to become GNG Virtual Exchange Dialogue Facilitators for the 2016-17 academic year. Facilitators work several hours a week to lead interactive videoconference (IVC) and online dialogue between paired secondary school classrooms in the US and Arab/Muslim worlds. Facilitators are matched with 3-5 school pairs, who are part of the semester/yearlong YouthTalk virtual exchange program. Facilitators lead 4-5 IVC conversations per pair, moderate student dialogue on GNG’s online platform, and communicate with GNG staff and educators about scheduling and preparation for exchange. Facilitators promote critical thinking, multicultural sensitivity, respectful cross-cultural communication, and global citizenship in their interactions with students and educators.

Accepted applicants will join a 15-hour basic training on facilitating virtual exchange and intercultural dialogue. Led by GNG staff, this interactive two-day workshop in New York City* will review facilitation skills, values, protocols, and technologies, with extensive practice and feedback. Facilitators will observe sample dialogue and participate in simulations. The training is grounded in the fundamentals of conflict management and cross-cultural communication, and is applicable to the fields of cross-cultural education, conflict prevention and resolution, youth development, intercultural dialogue, and workplace and organizational management.

Training topics include:

  • Intro to GNG and virtual exchange
  • Intercultural dialogue facilitation / conflict management theory and values
  • Analysis of sample dialogue facilitation
  • Facilitation skills boot camp, with exercises and practice
  • Youth/adolescent development and educational pedagogy
  • Training on virtual exchange technologies (IVCs and online platforms)
  • Understanding intercultural competence and conflict management
  • Practice facilitations, applicable to both virtual and in-person dialogue
  • Individualized feedback and coaching The training is led by Global Nomads Group ( and supported by the Bridges of Understanding Foundation ( Participants will receive a certificate of completion from GNG and BoU.

*If you can’t make it to the in-person workshop but are still interested in becoming a GNG facilitator, fill out the application! We’re also leading a workshop in Amman, Jordan in September 2016 and will be launching a virtual month-long course in the future.