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Pauline’s Video Diary from Somalia:

As you may know, Pauline Zerla is the Program Coordinator for the Students Rebuild: One Million Bones Challenge.  She has been living in Goma and working with youth at ETN, a center for vulnerable youth (former child soldiers and survivors of gender-based violence).  She conducts media literacy workshop and hosts monthly interactive videoconferences with students across the United States to share the stories of the Congolese youth and inspire action in the Students Rebuild: One Million Bones Challenge.  In December, there will be a special interactive videoconference series with Somalia.

Pauline Travels to Kenya for Interactive Videoconference in Somalia.

Video diary from Kenya:

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Last week of November updates about Goma, DRC

Below Pauline shares her experience after being evacuated from Goma, the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the recent chaos and uprising of M23. Watch her video diaries to learn more about what it is like in the region.

Video Diary 1

Pauline also chose these articles to share to assist in our understanding during the early days of this crisis in Goma.

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Video Diary 2

 Video Diary 3

Video Diary 4 – Part 1

Video Diary 4 – Part 2

First Week of December Update about Goma, DRC

Over the weekend the M23 withdrew from Goma following a agreement passed between the governments of DRC, Rwanda and Uganda. However, M23 gained international recognition and threatens to take back the city if the promises of the agreement aren’t kept. The situation remains precarious for the population as M23 only moved to a buffer zone outside Goma and insecurity still prevails. Cases of rape and attacks on civilians have been registered over the past few days. More than ever centers for vulnerable youth, like our partner ETN, are crucial!

Below are two articles Pauline chose to highlight the current situation in Goma.