Virtual Reality Meets Virtual Exchange 

A GNG: SXSWedu Playground Sessions

Monday, March 7th at 12:45pm CST

Wednesday, March 9th at 11:15am CST



To participate in this workshop, you'll need to download the the VRSE app onto your smartphone PRIOR to attending the session. Make sure you are on WiFi. The app is about 100 MB and can take several minutes to download. Also, please bring your own headphones to the workshop.

  1. Go to your app store (Android or iPhone) 
  2. Search for "VRSE"
  3. Download (it's free)
  4. Make sure you are on Wi-fi. 
  5. Download Clouds Over Sidra (this will take a several minutes). 
  6. Bring headphones and smartphone with newly downloaded App to our session!


At the start of our Session follow these steps: 

  1. Open your mobile web browser 
  2. Enter the URL :
  3. In another window, enter the URL:

*If the above process does not work: 

  1. Save the following 2 images to your smart phone.
  2. Go to:
  3. Choose the first file image directly from your photo library.
  4. Press Upload
  5. Place Smartphone in Google Cardboard. 


Technology allows us to connect communities we may otherwise never encounter, offering the ability to approach the world with greater empathy. Virtual exchanges and virtual reality provides the incredible opportunity to make the nightly news come alive. We’d like to showcase our collaboration with Nonny de la Peña’s lab at USC combining virtual reality with virtual exchange through a project entitled Reimagine: Syria. Students from Los Angeles were “dropped into” a virtual reality recreation to understand the realities of the Syrian crisis. GNG connected these students with Syrian refugee youth in Amman, Jordan. Participants will have the opportunity to be “immersed” in a simulation.