Rana Al-Sharif: Program Coordinator

Rana is a storyteller at heart. Having lived in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Jordan, and being fortunate enough to meet people from different cultural backgrounds has brought her first hand experience at witnessing the power of people’s stories. Rana majored in English language and literature at the University of Jordan where she learned to think critically and reflect about everything she reads and hears.

From there, Rana became an elementary English teacher at an international school and taught for four years where she brought her storytelling philosophy into her classroom to bond with her students and create a collaborative, creative and safe learning environment. During that time, Rana has also pursued a Master’s degree in English language and literature from the University of Jordan as well. Being both a teacher and a student at the same time taught Rana that actual learning happens through positive social and cultural experiences and not through rote memorization and testing. This realization drew her towards Global Nomads Group where she hopes to bring her past experience as an educator to facilitate in the fostering of dialogue between educators and students with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Rana can be found stuck in traffic, or sipping coffee, listening to movie soundtracks and cozying up to a good book. Ideally, she would be typing away at her laptop finishing up her own story.