2012-2013 Pulse Programs

Border Crossings


Common Core Standards

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Date: December 6th

Time: 12 PM ET

Format: webcast

How does immigration affect my community and daily life?

Despite the historical consistency of the process of immigration, it still remains at the forefront of political discourse, creating both controversy and dispute. Students will examine the issues surrounding the US-Mexico border, and take a look at the causes, consequences, and controversies involved in immigration in the US. In turn, students will discuss these issues with their North American peers to glean insight as to how to understand immigration in the respective communities.

Common Core Standards

English Language Arts
• Comprehension and Collaboration (SL.7-8.1-3)
• Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas (SL.7-8.4)

History/Social Studies
• Key Idea and Details (RH.7-8.1-2)
• Craft and Structure (RH.7-8.4)
• Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (RH.7-9)

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