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Students Rebuild: One Million Bones Challenge


Language Arts
Social Studies

Join us on Saturday, June 8 from 11am-12pm ET for a LIVE webcast from Washington DC.  Hear from guest speakers and challenge participants as the one million bones are laid on the National Mall in Washington DC as a visual petition against the ongoing humanitarian crises in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Click here to view the LIVE webcast June 8 at 11am ET.

Click here to view the invite for events taking place in DC from June 8-10. 


Students Rebuild is calling students all over North America to take stand against ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Through interactive videoconferences, students throughout North America and Goma, DRC will engage in face-to-face cross-cultural interactions. During this experience the students will be given the opportunity to exchange opinions, dialogue and build relationships, while exploring how they can become part of the solution to bring change to the DRC. The North American students will be encouraged to participate in the One Million Bones Challenge; a participatory arts project to cover the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with 1,000,000 handmade bones. This gesture of unity and hope will have a powerful visual impact, generate critical funds, raise awareness and rebuild lives in the DRC.

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 Program Fact Sheet

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Be Inspired!

Read more about the challenge on the Students Rebuild  website and access useful resources including great bone-making tutorials and highlight videos.

Watch this inspiring highlight video below.

The latest Rebuilder, college student Mara Magyarosi, brought the challenge to her local high school- Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Arts (Detroit, Michigan)- where she rallied 18 classrooms to build 1,983 bones! Be inspired! Rally your classroom to take action today.

VIDEO UPDATES from Pauline in Africa from 2012.

 Common Core Standards

English Language Arts
• Comprehension and Collaboration (SL.7-8.1-3)
• Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas (SL.7-8.4)

History/Social Studies
• Key Idea and Details (RH.7-8.1-2)
• Craft and Structure (RH.7-8.4)
• Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (RH.7-9)

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