Connecting Cultures, Exploring Science: Road to Doha


Common Core Standards

Date: Wednesday, December 5th

Time: 8 AM ET

Format: Student-led webcast

Location: Broadcast live from Qatar

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The UN Climate Change Conference, COP 18, is taking place in Doha, Qatar.  In September, Qatar Foundation International (QFI) and Global Nomads Group (GNG) launched a collaborative science-based program, Connecting Cultures, Exploring Science: The Road to Doha.

QFI’s Youth Ambassadors from Brazil, the US and Qatar have traveled, researched and now produced an event that will be broadcast live from Qatar Leadership Academy.  Join the conversation, learn about climate change and understand your role as a responsible global citizen!

Meet the Panelists

Nasser Marzook, YASE Student

Andrew Wilson, Conservation International

Talar Sahsuvaroglu, Environmental Specialist

Stefan Gsänger, World Wind Energy Association

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To view this webcast, please log into on Wednesday, December 5 at 8am ET and 4pm in Doha.