Past Programs

GNG’s programs are built on the premise that student-to-student connections and collaborations are an effective way to create empathy while educating young people.  Today’s youth are extremely media and technologically savvy, and this degree of sophistication necessitates an equally sophisticated – and creative – educational approach to make classroom education relevant and meaningful. Since 1998, GNG has broadcast 100s of interactive videoconferences and offered webcasts and collaborative programs on pressing global issues that range from the Arab Spring to the Somalia famine.  Check out our YouTube channel (with 263 webumentaries and growing) and videoconference archives to preview some of our work!  Some recent, noteworthy programs include:

2012-2013 Year end reports for ongoing programs

Connecting Cultures, Exploring Science: Road to Doha Part 1  |  Part 2

Global Citizens in Action

Youth Talk

Students Rebuild: One Million Bones Challenge

Students Rebuild empowers young people to become change-makers locally and globally through providing tangible opportunities that respond to critical global issues.  The 2012-2013 Students Rebuild: One Million Bones Challenge invited students to participate in a social arts installation that responded to on-going humanitarian crises, with particular attention to the conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia. 

Click here to read the Students Rebuild: One Million Bones Challenge Final Report.

One LENS: Cultivating Cross-cultural LiteraCy through Film and Digital Stories (2011)

In partnership with the American Field Service (AFS), students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the United States explored the role of media in an ever-changing global society. Through participatory filmmaking, physical exchanges, media literacy workshops, and online project-based networking, students engaged in active, mutual dialogue, empowered with media tools to support their creative processes.
Click here to view a highlight video.

STUDENTS REBUILD: Haiti (2010-2011)

Students Rebuild is a grassroots campaign founded in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Architecture for Humanity, the Bezos Family Foundation and Global Nomads Group partnered to create “Students Rebuild,” an initiative that invites students around the globe to rebuild better, safer, and permanent schools in Haiti.

 CARE: Afghanistan (2008-2009)

GNG partnered with leading humanitarian aid organization, CARE, to offer students the unique opportunity to participate in a dialogue with their peers in Afghanistan. Speaking to both the CARE aid workers and their Afghan beneficiaries was an eye-opening experience for many of the U.S. high school students who participated in these compelling conversations.

 Antarctica (2008)

In partnership with The Offshore New Harbor Project (which is part of the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program), GNG hosted a series of Virtual Classrooms, LIVE from Antarctica, during the fall of 2008.  Through our program, students partook in a science expedition to study evidence revealing alarming carbon dioxide levels, as scientists discovered high levels of CO2 that they haven’t seen in 34 million years!  By looking at our world’s past, students were able to get a glimpse of our future, as global warming has become an inevitable reality.