GNG Programs


All GNG programs connect students and educators from two or more countries through a project-based curriculum, social networks, interactive videoconferencing, and/or webcasts to build cultural awareness and global citizenship.   Additionally, all programs include Educator Professional Development (PD) on topics such as fostering 21st century skills, incorporating technology into the classroom, facilitating cross cultural dialogue, and building educational partnerships.  PD sessions are generally conducted virtually for participating educators. In certain circumstances, in-person PD may be offered.

GNG offers interactive programs in two thematic tracks:

Civic Engagement                STEM

When filling out the GNG 2014-2015 application, you will be asked to select one of the two tracks. Each of these tracks includes multiple programs of various lengths (year-long, semester-long, and short-term), connecting different geographic regions of the world.

  • Civic Engagement programs cover topics such as cultural exchange, media literacy, human rights, and social change.

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs cover topics such as global climate change, sustainable energy, and environmental action.

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GNG programs are aligned with the following US national educational skills and standards (please refer to the following links for more information).

For information about alignment to other national and international educational standards, please contact