Qateralnada (Nada) Melhem: Program Coordinator

Having grown up in a country which is considered ‘developing’, has made Qateralnada realize how much stress should be placed on that word; as a state of constant growth and progression, which as she believes, is only sustained by engaging with difference, asking questions, and being mindful. What drew her to Global Nomads Group, is its ability to provide a creative platform through which that kind of ‘developing’ can ensue on a cross-cultural level, thereby inspiring youth from all over the world to work together for a brighter and more harmonious future.

By virtue of being a huge literature enthusiast, Qateralnada has completed both a BA and an MLitt degree in English Literature. She also has a colorful mix of work experience in teaching English Language to non-English speakers, and Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers. Currently, a wide-eyed Programs Associate in the GNG team, she helps support the implementation and the delivery of GNG programs in the MENA region.