Jumana AlWeshah

Program Coordinator

Infectiously enthusiastic and hardworking, Jumana quickly proved herself to be an integral asset of GNG’s MENA office as she lead communication with Jordanian educators, ensuring the success of the organization’s programs in driving students towards empathy, global awareness and action orientation.

Her internship in Turkey during her college years materialized in her the belief that intercultural exchange must be a part of every young person’s educational journey. While there, she was fascinated at how the individuals she met were simultaneously similar and different from her. She quickly realized that while many people can have different lifestyles than hers, but in the end, humans from all parts of the world share the same values. This conclusion drew her to the work of GNG where she first joined as a Programs Fellow.

Jumana’s passion for professional and self-development drives her to attend a variety of trainings and workshops whose content she applies in her daily life. Jumana is determined to carry forth GNG’s vision and mission into the world, as she believes that if you work hard enough for something, you can achieve it.