We are storytellers. We uncover untold truths. 

We are explorers. We break down barriers.

 We are citizens of the world. We go where others don’t. 


We are a collection of people committed to fostering dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. Bridging culture gaps and shattering misconceptions, we work at the intersection of education, cultural exchange, and conflict resolution. 

We value the diverse perspectives of our colleagues and are inclusive of all members of our team in producing the best work product. As a multicultural organization made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we welcome applicants who will contribute to our goal of building a strong, diverse, and thriving organization that is  capable of producing outstanding results as it grows.





You have 7-10 years of relevant experience developing dynamic project-based learning curricula that aligns to Common Core and other educational standards. With at least 5 years of experience teaching in formal or informal learning environments, you know what the user end of curricular design looks like. Your curriculum development experience includes design of materials for e-learning, LMS, or other online platforms, and you have successfully incorporated interactive technology tools. You have a sharp eye for detail and are dedicated to producing well-written and intuitive curricula, whether for print or web.

Your experience working with diverse communities inspires you to design materials with sensitivity to the needs of participants in various contexts worldwide. Your strong interpersonal skills allow you to learn from and leverage the experiences of the team, while also successfully introducing new approaches, all the while ensuring continuous feedback loops with staff and partners. You have a Master’s degree or equivalent experience in education or a related field, and a desire to work at the intersection of global education, education technology (edTech), and virtual exchange.

Primary Responsibilities

• Embed a human-centered design approach and use data that has been collected on GNG programs to update and adapt existing curricula for current Campfire and Youth Voices programs to achieve program priorities and goals;

• Develop curricular materials for GNG’s new Virtual Reality department and other new programs as they arise;

• Work closely with the assessment manager to ensure curricula is in line with research-based practices for developing cultural and global competencies and workforce readiness skills; curricula is in line with state and international standards where GNG has programs; curricular activities in GNG programs will result in measurable student outcomes;

• Oversee the adaptation of curricular materials to GNG’s moodle-based online platform, used by educators and students for virtual exchange;

• Engage with curriculum specialists in GNG partner districts/CMOs/networks to find areas of alignment with current curricular offerings, standards, and priorities, and to adapt curricular components as appropriate;

• Collaborate with program managers to design and deliver virtual and in-person professional development (PD) materials and workshops for participating educators;

• Increase capacity of programs team to model effective instructional strategies;

• Other tasks as necessary.





You are interested in cross-cultural connections, and may even have personal experiences that draw you to our mission. You have 3-5 years’ prior work experience, much of which has been in the formal or informal education sector. You thrive working in non-traditional work situations and enjoy collaborating with diverse groups of people in local and international settings. You understand that working in an international office requires flexibility in work hours to accommodate time zone differences. In your work, you are organized, but also leave room for adaptability, as you know things don’t always turn out the way that you planned. As a result, you choose to be a proactive problem solver, and value solutions over complaints. You respect guidance and experience but are equally excited to work in an environment that values independence and creativity. You are fluent in both Arabic and English, and proudly hold a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. You are a global nomad.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Support implementation of GNG’s virtual exchange program goals and objectives in accordance with work plans;
  • Provide ongoing support to participants, including educators, students, school administration, and school IT;
  • Deliver professional development to secondary school educators;
  • Coordinate and facilitate interactive videoconference sessions;
  • Monitor and moderate online platforms and virtual exchange activities;
  • Support updates to curricula, Moodle-based online platform, and supporting material for virtual exchange programs;
  •  Support GNG outreach efforts;
  • Contribute to GNG social media as applicable;
  • Other tasks as requested.


These are full-time exempt positions based out of New York, NY. Compensation is commensurate with experience. 

To apply for NEW YORK OFFICE positions, please send your cover letter and resume as a single PDF file to jobs@gng.org, with the "Position Title" in the subject line. To apply for AMMAN, JORDAN OFFICE positions, please send your cover letter and resume as a single PDF file to menajobs@gng.org, with the "Position Title" in the subject line. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the search will remain open until the position is filled. Due to the large volume of applicants, we are only able to contact those candidates selected for an interview; no phone calls, please.

*Global Nomads Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

* GNG is Equal Opportunity Employer