Ihab Salameh: Head of MENA Office

As the Head of MENA Office since 2014, Ihab manages GNG’s programs in the region through building partnerships and overseeing program implementation. Knowing the importance of cross-cultural exchanges, he always strives to provide the opportunity for youth in marginalized communities to benefit from such life changing experiences. 

Ihab joined GNG as a technical consultant in 2013, after working as a Telecommunications Networks Engineer for several international ICT companies and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). In this position, he saw how technology is positively changing the lives of youth and their communities, which inspired him to take a leading role at GNG to increase mutual understanding between youth in the MENA region and their peers in other countries. Ihab received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from University of Jordan.

In his free time, you will find Ihab driving on a road trip, jogging and walking, or enjoying a meal with family and friends.