“I am so glad to be a part of GNG’s network. Where else can you do live chat sessions with Iraqi students or see the church with rows of skulls due to genocide in the comfort of your own classroom? GNG brings an attractive package to classrooms. As an educator, you cannot ask for a better lesson than a thought-provoking one that students talk about and ask when the next one is going to be.” – Suki Kim, Teacher, Buffalo, NY


“In bridging the gap between nationalities and cultures via technology, GNG is providing students with the next best thing to actual travel to countries around the world. In doing so, it is helping to plant the seed of cultural knowledge and mutual understanding in the next generation of leaders and decision makers.” – Paul Shay, President, AFS International


“In December, 2001, I began my usual two-week unit dedicated to the Middle East. A t the end of the unit, my students participated in a Global Nomads Group videoconference with students from Amman, Jordan. At this time, my students began to think outside their intimate world of Tacoma, WA and they began to care about others who they no longer viewed as living a world away. Upon my students insistence, my two-week unit became a nine-week seminar in which we delved deeply into complex Arab/Israeli issues. From a teaching perspective, my job became easy; I had students who were eager to learn.” – Steve Caley, teacher, Lakewood, WA