Technology FAQs

What Technology Do You Need to take part in an interactive videoconference?

Please consult with your school’s IT department to asses your school’s IVC capabilities::

1. Do you have videoconferencing equipment?
Typically, this means you have specific equipment such as: a TV/Monitor/Projector; Polycom, Tanberg, or Cisco equipment; and a microphone.

2.Does this equipment follow the H.323 protocol?
This means that your equipment uses IP (Internet Protocol).  The IP is an address that contains numbers and dots.  For example: 123.45.678

3. If you do not have videoconferencing equipment and are joining a yearlong or semester program, please answer the following:
a) Do you have a computer with a microphone and camera?
b) Does your internet have a minimum bandwidth of 384 kbps up and down?

If you’ve answered yes to Question 3a and 3b, we can provide you with downloadable software to connect you into the program.

What Technology Do You Need to take part in a WEBCAST?

For a webcasts, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and time and space for your students to learn from experts.  Be sure to register for the webcast online at prior to the start of the session.  It is recommended that the school tech test the connection by viewing a broadcast at, prior to the webcast.


GNG provides professional development for educators on meeting critical 21st century skills through virtual seminars.  These courses are free and included upon program registration.

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