Program Structure

For each virtual program, Global Nomads will provide participating schools with the following step-by-step process:

1. Sign-ups, scheduling, and coordination of students and schools, both in North America and abroad;

2. A lesson plan and project-based learning resources on various global studies themes and aligned with the Common Core standards for students and teachers;

3. Sample questions for students to ask in order to participate in the program via a storyboard outline of each hour-long program;

4. Advice on teaching with videoconferencing and interactive media via professional development seminars prior to the start of the program;

5. Technical support both before and during the program

6. Experts in relevant areas when appropriate;

7. International school connections for the majority of programs

8. Facilitation of the videoconferences;

9. Post conference resources for students to learn more or to stay in contact with each other;

10. Evaluation of program impact on participants