Statement Of Purpose

As GNG works to ensure that every young person has a meaningful cross-cultural exchange, we need to position ourselves as thought leaders in the academic and virtual exchange space. Considering GNG's unique time of growth and scale,  this strategy is designed to support that growth and provide GNG with more/new opportunities to engage with our different audiences.

Consistent Branding 

across all our different audiences, GNG departments, and social media channels.

Amplify Our Impact

 to our different audiences by diversifying our content & outreach.

Sustainable Growth

grounded in benchmarks to allow GNG to expand communication. 

Find New Opportunities

to creatively push GNG communications forward all along the way!

Consistent Branding

Brand building is a process that establishes and solidifies a relationship between a company, its employees, and its "customers". When done right, branding can help GNG drive participation, lower resources needed while acquiring new "customers", increase loyalty, and attract talented employees. Branding goes beyond the selection of a company name and logo design. A well-defined, well-positioned, strong brand influences employees and "customers" to think of an organization in terms of quality, dependability, trust, & reliability. 

GNG's new website is a great start for creating a standard for a consistent branding across GNG and externally to our different audiences through multiple channels. This is just the start. Iterations of the website will come and we will continue to push the boundaries, so we need to be ready to pivot with our communication on the drop of a hat. 

here is what's next... 

1. The creation of a brand-wide style guide will allow any staff members to design and organize any message, design programs/productions in a way that doesn't loose sight of the our organizational core,  recruit the strongest talent, and represent GNG in front of any audience, seamlessly fitting into our GNG Brand

2. Phase two of the Website aligned with the above guide, GNG's plan for scale, and attention to SEO that will help us naturally gain exposure and more simply communicate who we are and what we have to offer.  

3. Learn techniques to simplify our copy edit & finding a graphic designer who has a style that fits nicely with our brand.

GNG Audience & Communication Channels :

GNG's 2015 Communication Channels: 

  • Website
  • Email Marketing (iContact)
  • Blog (Medium/NEW!), Moodle (NEW!)
  • Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • YouTube/Vimeo
  • Staff/Board Meetings
  •  Face-to-Face Interactions

InfluencerWe want to make our work and vision relevant to them to our influencers so they are empowered to spread awareness & support GNG. 

General Ask: Help us get GNG and our work in front of the right people.

Communication Channels: Face-to-face, iContact, Facebook, Twitter,  Medium Blog, LinkedIn

Admin ( Dist. /CMO):We want the urgency and importance of GNG's vision to be felt by our admin, in addition to how Campfire can specifically make this vision a reality. 

General Ask:  Pay for Campfire across district.

Communication Channels: Face-to-face, iContact, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Medium Blog

Educators: We want to make sure to instill confidence in our educators that we are standing by their sides as they prepare young people for the 21st workforce/their future.

General Ask: Implement programs & support student activities

Communication Channels: Moodle, Website, Facebook, iContact,  Medium Blog

Students/Alumni: We want to make students excited about becoming a Global Nomads and remain invest after their experience.

General Ask: Tweet/share your experience with influencers, friends, and anyone else. Tell them why cross-cultural exchange is imperative for our future.

Communication Channels: Moodle, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iContact

Board & Staff

We need to make sure we are sharing and communicating all the amazing and inspiring work that is happening everyday. 

General Ask: Share our work to your larger networks.*Board specific: $$

Communication Channels: Staff Meetings, Board Updates, iContact, Facebook

Donors: We want our Donors to know that without your support GNG would not be able to do our work.

General Ask: Continue to support us and share our work.

Communication Channels: Face-to-face, iContact

Partner Orgs:

General Ask: Share our initiatives to your Networks

Communication Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Medium Blog

Individual Champions/ Parents:

General Ask:

Communication Channels: Website, Facebook, iContact, Medium Blog 

Amplify Our Impact

GNG has been doing incredibly meaningful work over the last 16 years, but we do not always celebrate or share our wins (especially the small ones). We need to take advantage opportunities to share more about our programs and our impact .  By intentionally building our outreach database and committing ourselves to curating relevant content we should be able to spread our impact while positioning ourselves as leaders in our respective industries.

here is whats next . . .  

1. Building a system for staff and GNG family to support the curation of  NEW content, utilizing the content we already have, in addition to finding new ways to attach ourselves to existing content. This is much bigger than one individual, but will take the support of the whole staff. ( Branding Officer can appoint individuals that can report back with content.)

2. Building a press and outreach database in addition to  building relationships with top tier outlets we are interested in.  This is an opportunity for us  at least try to become regular/likely contributors to publications.  

3. Grow our Social Media presence, and share content across all channels, consistently. * Please see, our September 2015 Social Media Strategy

Introducing GNG 360

Digital: refers to our website, email marketing, and new(!) blog. These are our 1st outlets to explore in promoting our work.  

Social Media: allows us to reach our  "social" audience while being able to utilize resources (images, videos, pre-existing tags/#) that help expand our reach.  

PR: ( when appropriate) helps to launch our work to wider networks. 

Partners: Should utilize partners to share our work to like minded networks. 

Paid Promotion: When is it appropriate for GNG to enhance adds or invest in collateral?  

Events: We will make sure staff is always prepared to share GNG opportunities in any setting. 

Influencers: This category should encourage us to research and reach out to people or organization with large reach. 


Sustainable Growth


In order to make sure we have set ourselves up for success, we need to give ourselves ways to monitor and measure different aspects of our communication strategy. It is important to consider the following:

  •  TIME: How much time can we devote to a social network? Starting with 1-2 hour per day is a good place to start, but acknowledging more time will be spent around GNG special events and unique opportunities. 
  •  RESOURCES: What staff members and skills do we have to lean into? We have visual social networks (instagram)  and quality content networks ( G+ & general PR). Do we have the resources to provide relevant content to our different audiences? 
  • AUDIENCE: Where do our people hangout? What network fits the people we are trying to reach? (answered in Consistent Branding section.)

We will continue to find answers and solutions to those questions, but in the meantime we need to start somewhere. 

The Numbers We Know:


Benchmarks: August 2015- August 2016

Website Traffic: ( vision: >150K)

+ 40% (+ 27,477/ 96,170 unique visitors total)

Facebook: (vision: ~5K)

+ 20% Page Likes/Follows (+817.4/ 4904.4 total)

Facebook Engagement: (sum of likes, comment, shares, & clicks)  TBD

* Facebook benchmarks will be reevaluated in December. If needed bumped +40%(+1634.8/5721.8 total)


+20% Followers (+509/ 3054 total)

Twitter Impressions: current average 8,287

+20% (+1,657/9,944 average)

* Twitter benchmarks will be reevaluated in December.

Google+ & LinkedIn: 

*TBD: there is not enough information for to run accurate analytics. Need to figure out a baseline. 


here is what's next...

1. Put a system in place for monitoring the above benchmarks on social networks in order to more realistically set and bypass goals. 

2. Correct the Brandcast connection to Salesforce, allowing us to gather demographics from our inquires & make sure we are logging and following up with every individual. 

(* This is a project that will require an outside party's assistence.)

3. Make sure to recruit strong candidates for communication interns/fellows that can support not only the maintenance, but growth of the social media strategy.

2015 Opportunities 

  • Chris's OpEd
  • New Staff Additions
  • Campfire (  launch with Kentucky | New Visions) 
  • GNG Virtual Reality Unit
  • Students Rebuild ( Healing Classroom Challenge) 
  • 2 Polycom Special Events
  • Website | Arabic Version Website
  • Social Media Intern
  • Student Participants ( mobilize them) 
  • Amman Delegation
  • Staff travel: Hannah's Pakistan trip, Kentucky, Alli in Amman, Suha in NYC
  • TeliportMe partnership
  • Potential GNG App ( entry point & retention) 

Consistent Branding 

Amplify Our Impact

Sustainable Growth

Find New Opportunities




October- December

  • Build Brand Brief
  • SM strategy
  • 360 guides
  • Next iteration of website
  • Build out press database
  • Collateral for Campfire PD
  • Review benchmarks & adjust

January- March 

  • SM campaign
  • Monitor & Adjust
  • Brandcast- Salesforce Mapping/Email Marketing
  • Launch GNG VR (Comms Plan)
  • Content Curation Focus
  • GNG Collateral 
  • Implement Strategies (Comms., Social & Branding)  

April- July

  • Continue to Implement Strategies 
  • Monitor & Adjust
  • TBD

You may be wondering... How can you help?!

  • Communications Budget ( for graphic design, collateral, fliers, ad promotions, etc.) 
  • Branding Class ( part of comms. budget) 
  • Top down support/promotion of staff curated blog content
  • Access to contacts & ideas for Press & Outreach Database

  • Personal: Writing Class PD