Allison Finn : Program Coordinator

A champion of storytelling across borders, Alli’s passion is creating opportunities for people of different cultures and communities to move through conflict to collaboration. Her tools have included education, mediation, theatre, writing, and technology. She found her tribe when she joined GNG in 2012, and her nomadic work has since focused on facilitating dialogue between
youth in Afghanistan, Pakistan, North America, and the Middle East and North Africa – in both the creation and implementation of curricula, digital tools, and live conversations. Outside of GNG, she helps fellow New Yorkers work through their conflicts face-to-face, as a community mediator with the NY Peace Institute.

A proud alumna of Northwestern University, Alli
studied International Relations and Creative Writing for the Media. She has studied in Jordan and Tunisia, worked with the US Department of State on a junior diplomacy fellowship, innovated with an edtech start-up, and taught
creative writing and theatre for ages 7-17. Outside of work, Alli is a playwright, hiker, student of Arabic, and impulsive buyer of books and spices.