Abigail Finck : Brand & Marketing Manager

Abigail currently works to ensure Global Nomads Group's offerings, brand, and impact are effectively communicated and celebrated. As the team’s resident storyteller, she has been instrumental in building GNG's marketing strategies and has managed several youth media initiatives that have taken her across the country and around the world, from high schools in New Jersey to the highlands of Peru. Whether it is Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, young people facing extreme poverty across the world, or the viral KONY 2012 campaign Abigail uses first hand accounts to help others connect in a much deeper way, empathize with one another, and better understand our common humanity.

When her entrepreneurial spirit, passions, and work intersect, Abigail comes alive allowing her to excel in projects, task, and roles. Outside of work you can find this explorer on the move with camera and paintbrush in hand, looking for her next adventure and inspiration.